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Review: "Will & Patrick's Happy Ending" (Wake Up Married, #6) by Leta Blake & Alice Griffiths

Will & Patrick's Happy Ending (Wake Up Married Book 6) - Alice  Griffiths, Leta Blake

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed by this last installment of the "Wake Up Married" series.



I missed the humor of the first five books as well as the snarky banters between Will and Patrick. Their final drama felt artificial and unnecessary, and the angst absolutely didn't work for me. I never even cried or teared up once, because guess what? I've read the title!



And what about that assface Ryan and Hartley? They both played a big part at the beginning of this series, so I wanted/needed some closure in that department.



But even though I wished for a more sweeter and lighter finale, when I ultimately got to the last page it was a nice ending to a great series.


So I give the overall serial 4.5 stars and my highest recommendation.