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Review: "Red Dirt Heart 4" (Red Dirt Heart, #4) by N.R. Walker

Red Dirt Heart 4 - N.R. Walker

"I couldn't get enough of him. Not close enough, not deep enough, it was never going to be enough. The more Charlie I had, the more I wanted."



I liked this book better on my reread, but it's still the weakest one in this otherwise outstanding series for me.


My biggest problem was that I felt like I was reading a compilation of "Charlie & Travis" short stories.


And my problem with short stories in general is that they either bore me because I can't really connect neither to the characters nor to the storyline enough in such a small couple of pages (Amos & Bianca), or they leave me unsatisfied because I wanted/expected more (Charlie's and Travis's visit in America or 


(show spoiler)


The only storyline that I absolutely loved and that reminded me of the first three books was Harriet's, Charlie's new horse.


I know there's a reason why I'm not very fond of books about established couples. But it's Charlie and Travis, and I would still give the overall series 5 stars and call it a must-read M/M classic.