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Review: "The 13th Hex" (Hexworld, #0.5) by Jordan L. Hawk

The 13th Hex: A Hexworld Short Story - Jordan L. Hawk

"The truth is, I didn’t expect to find myself smitten with you. But I was, from the first moment."



I shouldn't be surprised that I loved this short story. I mean, it's Jordan L. Hawk, y'all.


There are a lot themes going on in just 53 pages:


  • alternate universe
  • historical
  • magic
  • shifters
  • bonding/soulmates
  • a crime case


And yet the pacing of the story was just right and the world-building was awesome and immediately sucked me in. I especially loved how witches depend on their familiars to do magic.


I am totally looking forward to read the next (full) novel in this series, "Hexbreaker".