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Review: "High Concept" (Concepts, #1) by Whitley Gray

High Concept - Whitley Gray

In terms of a mystery novel: 3.5 stars


In terms of a romance novel: 2 stars


(Originally, I was going for 3 stars for the romance, but then one of my biggest pet peeves rose its ugly head at the end: a stupid and totally unnecessary misunderstanding, which could have easily been avoided with a simple text message. So 2 stars it is.)


But I'll settle for 3.5 stars overall, because the book kept me entertained and interested.



So if you like reading about police/FBI research in detail, then this book might just be for you. Because there's A LOT of that. Paperwork, analyses, discussions, interrogations etc.


What this book is NOT though is a mystery. Because the bad guy has been revealed very early in the book. So the criminal case at hand is more of "How will they nail him?" instead of "Who's behind it?". Ok, fine with me.



My biggest complaint with this book though is its excessive amount of details. The author spent a lot of time to amplify everything. And I mean EVERYTHING! Do I really need to know how a character is supposed to reheat his dinner?


Or why do I need the POV of a secondary character in several chapters which - in hindsight - was completely pointless and his actions could have easily been mentioned in a conversation between the main characters as a side note?




Unfortunately, the only thing that could have used some more details was the romance. One moment it's UST all over, and the next the MCs are a couple. I would have liked for Beck and Zach to have some meaningful conversations or something. But it went from first kiss to relationship in the blink of an eye.


You might have noticed that I like to start my reviews with a mushy quote, but there was nothing to be found here. The chemistry between Beck and Zack was seriously lacking and that was really disappointing.



But in spite of all my complaints, I enjoyed reading the book. The mystery was ok, though not nail-biting, and the MCs were likable enough. I will be reading the sequel "Cold-Hearted Concept".