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Review: "Cold-Hearted Concept" (Concepts, #2) by Whitley Gray

Cold-Hearted Concept - Whitley Gray

"Papers rustled. "This is a very...complex situation."

COMPLEX? Complex was two murders and one Jane Doe ago. They were now at labyrinthine."


Well, ain't that the mother fucking truth.



I've already mentioned in my update that I liked this sequel MUCH better than the first book. The murder mystery was a lot more complex, interesting and suspenseful.


But again, there were sooooo many unnecessary details, like that whole side plot with Marybeth and her two sons. Or the one with Beck's closeted ex-BF/partner Van. Both of these could have been easily left out completely since they added nothing to the criminal case, the MCs nor their relationship and they just made the book unnecessarily lengthy.



The relationship between Beck and Zach could have - again - used a little more practice in the communication department (especially with Zack being a psychiatrist!), but I found their relationship very real, lifelike and sweet.



So after two books, my head is spinning from all the suspects, clues, leads, dead ends, theories and whatnot. But if there's gonna be a third book, I will definitely read it.