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Review: "Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris" by H.L. Holston & Eleanor Bruce

Suck This, Neil Patrick Harris - Eleanor Bruce, H.L. Holston

"Apparently smart-mouthed bastards with long legs and perky asses were Dante's downfall into love, commitment and putting another person's needs above his own."



I've thoroughly enjoyed these last two hours that I've spent with this book.


The story is about D-list celebrity Dante, who's out and proud and struggling with his acting career. His "brilliant" plan is to fake a monogamous relationship with his straight (?) best friend Chris to get the media's attention and land the lead role in a new blockbuster film. Um, ok.



Admittedly, I had to remove my "reality glasses" and put on my "strongest disbelief glasses" with that premise, but once that was done I was ready for the ride.



I didn't quite understand what happened to Chris halfway through the book; if he was actually bisexual, gay or gay-for-Dante. Also, Chris doesn't seem to have any management or family members who might be surprised with his public declaration to suddenly be in love and in a relationship with another man. But whatever.



This is a fluffy, totally non-angsty book. Great for a sweet in-between read.


Thanks to Julie for the BR!