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Review: "All in a Day's Work" by Various Authors

All in a Day's Work - Holly O. Hale, Jenni Michaels, Amy Jo Cousins, Therese Woodson, Bru Baker, Henrietta Clarke, Kay Walker, Shae Connor

This was a nice little anthology with a "workplace" theme. I loved the diversity of the settings and areas of work that could be found here. Also, two of these short stories turned out to be real gems ("Unmasked" and "Dance Hall Days").


So let's get ready to take a closer look at each story.



"Extra Mayo" by Henrietta Clarke

~3.5 stars~


This was a very sweet story about a shy office employee (who I think has Asperger syndrome?) and the new sandwich delivery guy. The story ended quite abruptly in the middle of their first date, followed by a short "One year later" epilogue. I would have definitely liked to read more about these two since they were both very adorable.



"Ice Cream Dreams" by Shae Connor

~2.5 stars~


Meh. This story about an ice cream maker and a chef, who's looking for unusual flavors for his restaurant, left me quite cold (<- see what I did there?). It was an unsatisfying mixture of insta-love and open ending, and the whole thing read more like witnessing a business transaction rather than a romance.



"My OTP" by Bru Baker

~3.5 stars~


The MCs are the stars of a TV show that reminded me of "MythBusters" (which I think was the point). They've been friends and lovers for months, but they haven't publicly announced their relationship yet to their fandom/shippers. Though the present-tense narration was a little weird at first, it didn't take long for me to take a shine to the MCs. I liked how much fun these two had with each other, and the ending was a total "Awwwww" moment. Now if only we'd have gotten more than one POV...



"Not Quite 1776" by Therese Woodson

~3 stars~


The story of two hook-ups between a historical interpreter and a reenactor. So bonus points for resourcefulness. Alas, this was basically sex over plot. Admittedly, the sex was great but there's not much else to say here. Definitely lacking in the character and relationship development department. Plus there's only a tentative HFN at best.



"Unmasked" by Kay Walker

~4 stars~


I really liked this story between a spy and his tech handler. It was set in a futuristic and dystopian AU with a thorough world building, and it ended with a HFN, which totally fitted the story. I would LOVE to read more of this in a full novel or a series! Gonna make a mental note of this author.



"The Bet" by Holly O. Hale

~3 stars~


A fun and sexy story about a married couple who are also business partners and owners of a company. They made a bet about having sex in the office (yes or no?), which resulted in one of the sexiest and steamiest business meetings ever. The story was hot and sexy, and sometimes that's just all that matters, amiright? ;-)



"Dance Hall Days" by Amy Jo Cousins

~4 stars~


This was a very well-written historical that's set in London in the 1930s. It was about a boyish singer/drag queen and a bulky bouncer who both worked at the same club. Ever since I've read "Five Dates", I knew that Amy Jo Cousins writes great short stories and this is just another example. Beautifully written, with endearing characters, and absolutely memorable.



"Short Timer" by Jenni Michaels

~2.5 stars~


A super duper short story between a car salesman and a potential buyer. There was a twist at the end which I think was supposed to be clever and surprising, but doesn't really make much sense retrospectively. Or in other words, the thoughts and actions of one of the MCs until this point don't. But anyway, it was a 10 minutes read and didn't hurt anyone.




So in terms of figures this was 3.25 stars book in total, but I'm rounding it up to 3.5 stars, because there were more hits than misses in here.