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Review: "Always" by the Kindle Alexanders

Always - Kindle Alexander

~DNF at 36%~



  • Terribly written
  • Shitty researched with a complete ignorance of its time period
  • Authors who’ve never heard of character or relationship building
  • Over-cheesy, over-sugary, over-mushy, over-saccharine, over-sappy, over-weird, over-creepy


I gave up when "the worldly grandson of the president of the United States" proposed after just one week. In 1975.


It was just mind-boggling awful.


If I wasn’t sure before, I am certainly now: the Kindle Alexanders and I are DONE!



PS: Someone please tell me this is a joke:




Thanks to Julie & Elsbeth for the BR! (With a big apology to Elsbeth.)