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Review: "WANT" by Kade Boehme

WANT - Kade Boehme

"I got a little dirty for this one."

~Kade Boehme~



Yeah, well, no shit!


The pros:


  • Cover LOVE! *drools on Kindle*



  • Two heavily muscled alpha hunks, one of them a mechanic.



  • Greasy, filthy, dirty, dirty, DIRTY sex.



  • A flawless epilogue.




(show spoiler)


The cons:


  • NONCOMMUNICATION GALORE! The MCs could have gotten together on page 1, if only they would have opened their mouths and TALKED. But then we would have missed out on the scorching hot angry sex scenes (see: The pros). So...



  • THE EDITING! Now as far as I know, Kade Boehme accidentally uploaded a draft version to Amazon. Mistakes happen, no biggie. He immediately corrected his mistake and uploaded the correct version, but at the time of this review (which is 3 months after the release!), my downloaded version was still full of editing issues. And I'm not only talking about missing or misspelled words, but also huge plot holes! Like an ex-boyfriend who suddenly appeared out of nowhere, or a wedding that was supposed to happen "tomorrow", but didn't until three days later. I would love to reread the correct version one day, and maybe I might upgrade my rating then, because the story was definitely worth more than 3 stars. But the editing in its current state was really frustrating and distracting, and it dragged my enjoyment of the story down. Which is a real shame.