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Review: "BOYSTOWN, Season One" by Jake Biondi

BOYSTOWN, Season One - Jake Biondi

"So your ex is with his ex?"


This was so much FUN!


Before I started this book, I was hoping for a gay version of the 90s soap opera "Melrose Place". And that's exactly what I got:


Awful people doing awful things to each other.



By the end of the book, there was not one single likable character left. Almost every established couple from the beginning has either split up or was cheating on or lying to each other.


Speaking of cheating: seriously, there was SO MUCH cheating going on. I briefly considered to make a drinking game out of it and take a shot every time someone was cheating on his partner. But I quickly dropped that thought because I didn't want to die from alcohol poisoning (I mean, the first cheating already happened at the 1% mark. Now give me a break!).



BUT it's a soap opera, so that was to be expected. In fact, everything that constitutes a good soap opera could be found here. There was


  • cheating
  • lying
  • betrayal
  • alcoholism
  • absurd coincidences
  • dramatic gestures
  • instaloves (mind the plural!)
  • over-the-top unlikely scenarios
  • wine glasses thrown against doors
  • a scheming wife
  • a crazy stalker
  • a crazy ex-boyfriend
  • a kidnapping
  • a murder
(show spoiler)


And of course the book ended on a big cliffhanger:


(show spoiler)


The writing was fast-paced and there were many parallel storylines. The setting and the characters switched every few pages and the whole thing read more like a screenplay than a novel, which I think was the perfect choice for this kind of storytelling.


I'm definitely hooked and I'm glad that I have 4 more books seasons to look forward to. I hope the crazy twists and turns continue, as well as the backstabbing. I'm thinking along the lines of...





Thanks to Julie for the BR!