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Review: "BOYSTOWN, Season Two" by Jake Biondi

BOYSTOWN, Season Two - Jake Biondi

"Keith, this is Boystown, remember? Things can change as quickly as the Chicago weather."


And THAT, my friends, includes faithfulness, relationships, engagements, head injuries, bullet wounds and broken arms.


From lying in a hospital bed and being at death's door one day, to having wild monkey sex against the wall the next. That's BOYSTOWN for you in a nutshell, Ladies and Gays!



I must say that this series just gets better and better. There was a little less cheating, but a lot more scheming going around than in the first book.


Ok, I was a little disappointed - and yeah, I admit it: also a little disturbed - that among a cast of what felt like 47 gay characters, one of the very, VERY few straight ones was named Marco. EGAD!



But that insane, holy-fucking-shit-are-you-for-real-cliffhanger totally made up for that. Now THIS is how you end a serial book and keep your readers hooked.


(show spoiler)


Great job, Mr. Biondi, well done!


Thanks to Julie for the BR!