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Review: "BOYSTOWN, Season Four" by Jake Biondi

BOYSTOWN, Season Four - Jake Biondi

"Is this how parties with this group usually go?" Hugo asked. "Ambulances, arrests, and attacks?"

Yep, pretty much.



I have been glued to my Kindle all week. This series has been nothing but a fun and crazy ass roller coaster ride so far.



"Derek let out a laugh. "You guys and your drama."


OMG. So. much. drama! Like...
















(show spoiler)


I only have one available season left to read and I am already so sad. I could read nothing but another dozen of these books for the rest of the year. Me, my Kindle and my wine had such a blast during the last couple of days.



On to the last one (for now)!



Thanks to Julie & Marte for the BR!