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Review: "Life is Awesome" (Mnevermind, #3) by Jordan Castillo Price

Life is Awesome - Jordan Castillo Price

"I’d spent so long feeling like I couldn’t do anything right, I was in a prime position to appreciate the fact that I found it very easy to make Elijah happy. Hell, maybe that’s where the seed of the idea for my new mnem had come from. Phenomenally satisfying things, but simple, even to the point of being mundane. Those are the experiences that make up the bedrock of a happy life. Not the roller coasters, but the long, easy stretches of road."


I liked the first two books in the Mnevermind trilogy better. This one had WAY too many technical details, even more so than the first book. I found myself zoning out from time to time with all the info dump.


And honestly, I was disappointed with the ending. I don't like open endings and almost every big conflict from this and the previous books has been left unresolved. Like Elijah's trouble with bottoming, him cutting his ties with his ex-wife or if there will ever be a cure to Big Dan's condition. There was also this HUGE conflict in the second book with Elijah being bullied at work by his co-worker, but this issue was also completely dropped and ignored.


I don't expect every story to be wrapped up in a neat little bow, but I need at least some answers and a certain feeling of closure. But this installment left me unsatisfied. I can only hope that Jordan Castillo Price will continue with this series one day, because I really liked the characters.