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Review: "Ethan, Who Loved Carter" by Ryan Loveless

Ethan, Who Loved Carter - Ryan Loveless

“Everyone has their own music; they just don’t realize it. But you do.”


You should take my 4-star rating with a grain of salt, because I had some issues with this book.


While I think the concept is wonderful (a romance between a man with Tourette's and a man with a brain damage), and while I think that Ethan and Carter were both totally likable and their romance was sweet, my biggest issue is that too much of their relationship - once they've started dating - revolved around sex. Yes, I'm complaining about too much sex. Consider me shocked too.



I would have liked to read more about their everyday life, what it really means to have a partner who's brain-damaged. I feel like I still don't know the real extent of Ethan's illness. On the one hand, he brags about how much sex he has had in the past ("Two weeks ago, a cute guy had told Ethan he had a nice package, and then they’d had sex."), but at the same time he needs a “Steps for a Successful Shower” list. I found this fascinating and I wanted to know more about that.


Don't get me wrong, unlike other readers, I had no problem with the sexual side of their relationship (I didn't think of Ethan as child-like). Ok yeah, the "butter" scene was a little too much and felt weird and out of place in this kind of story.



I was hovering between 3.5 and 4 stars, but the story was sweet enough (almost sappy), so 4 stars it is.



PS: I have not the slightest idea what a "transposer" (Carter's profession) is or does. A little explanation would have been nice.



PPS: Call me old-fashioned, but NEVER, not in a million years, would I be able to get it up in my parents' or my boyfriend's parents' bed. Let alone using their lube.




PPPS: Question: How many times have YOU met both Will Smith AND Beyoncé in a benefit play hosted by a public high school?