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Review: "Not a Game" by Cardeno C.

Not a Game - Cardeno C.

"You’re beautiful, you know that?"

"You make me feel like that could be true," Oliver said quietly.

Jaime curled his hand around Oliver’s nape and brushed their lips together. "It is true."


And here I was, believing for years that Pretty Woman was highly unrealistic. And yet that movie couldn't EVER compare to this story of sweet, overweight and introvert Oliver, who just started a new job in a new town, and out of all people in the city managed to hook up with his new boss Jaime in a bar one night (which none of them is aware of at the time of course).


But wait, there's more! Because of course Jaime turned out to have a chubby kink and of course he played along when Oliver mistook him for the escort he had booked for the night. Needless to say that Jaime is also filthy rich, because - let's say it together:



Look guys, I get why this story appeals to so many people. It's always nice and refreshing to have a plus-sized character in a genre where 99% of the MCs have the body of an underwear model. But Oliver's "How can you possibly like me? Look at you and then look at me." shtick every other page got on my nerves - VERY much and VERY fast.



But what was even worse and almost ruined the book completely for me was HOW LONG Jaime kept lying to Oliver and how Oliver immediately forgave him during the blink of an eye when he found out. I can't help but feel that Oliver was only willing to overlook the lying and the deceit because he thought he should just be glad and thankful to have such a muscular sex god like Jaime being interested in him and his body type at all. This was doormat behavior 101 and I'm sorry, but I don't find lying and emotional manipulation romantic or sweet at all, no matter the circumstances.



This was only my second book from this author after Perfect Imperfections, and I haven't liked that one either. So maybe I think it's best if I give Cardeno C. a wide berth for a little while while wishing her nothing but the best for her writing career.