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Lending Light - Rose Christo

"I've always known I was gay. I don't get it when people ask things like, "When did you find out?" I mean, when did you find out the sun rises every day? I never had that moment where I freaked out. I still don't know a whole lot about non-Native communities, but I sure know about the Native ones. Yeah, there are some homophobic Native communities. Try telling an Apache you're gay and you'll get looked at like you're dirt. Most Natives aren't like that. Shoshone aren't like that. We've always understood that there are people who are meant to fall in love with their own gender; and we've always understood that it takes a special kind of spirit to be able to do that. It's called "Napaka". Christians will say God gave you a gay son because he's testing you. Shoshone will say God gave you a gay son because he's rewarding you."