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Review: "A Chip and A Chair" (Seven of Spades, #5) by Cordelia Kingsbridge

A Chip and A Chair - Cordelia Kingsbridge


Wow, I’m… I'm totally speechless.


What. A. Ride!



This is hands down one of the best mystery/crime series (both M/M and non-M/M) I have ever read.


I can’t believe that every, and I mean EVERY question raised in the first 4 books, has been answered, and every little detail has been explained. No questions left unanswered here, folks.


Now THIS is how you do a fucking series finale, authors. Take notes!



This final instalment was so very satisfying and such a brilliant conclusion to an all-around amazing series.


I cannot recommend this series highly enough. It will forever be one of my all-time Top 5 favorite series.


I already miss Levi, Dominic, Rebel, Martine, Leila, Natasha, and every other of these so very well-developed characters. It feels like saying good-bye to real people, and while this is first and foremost an acknowledgment to this author's talent, I always hate feeling like this after I finish a book or series.





Cordelia Kingsbridge, I thank you and I bow to you.




~ 5 STARS ~