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Five-Sided Heart - Max MacGowan

"Welcome back to the Outer Banks," Ian said. Or maybe it was Ty this time. "Glad you came."

Nothing like having an orgy to end the day of your father's funeral.


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Five-Sided Heart - Max MacGowan

"Joshua had seen a good few beach houses more deserving of the name "mansion" than "home", but the Old Man must have preferred simplicity - or else he'd been a cheap son of a bitch. There was not a lot to his home past the living area but three bedrooms, two of them so tiny they must have started life as a single and been divided after."

So, three bedrooms, eh? Yep, very simplistic. And incredibly convenient.


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Five-Sided Heart - Max MacGowan

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Review: "Role Play" (Play, #1) by Morticia Knight

Role Play - Morticia Knight

"I love you, Phil, Sir, all of the yous."

Phil chuckled against the side of his neck then inhaled as if taking some of Terry inside of him. "I love all of the yous too."


Trigger warning: the title refers to a consensual rape scene between a master and his sub!


Well, wasn't this a nice little find. Of course, the premise was more than a little silly: three years ago, Phil abruptly left Terry because of a job. He basically dumped him without a proper explanation or good-bye. Now, Phil is back and tries to rekindle things with Terry. They agree to go out for lunch, where Phil confesses to Terry that during his absence he discovered that he's a Dom and into the BDSM lifestyle. And while Terry had never wasted much thought on BDSM at all, he immediately jumps head first into the role of Phil's sub only a few hours later. Um, sure. Ok. Whatevs.



But once I accepted that premise (or better: once I've put on my pink glasses) and decided to just roll with the story, it turned out to be actually really good.



The writing was more than just a little decent, it was actually surprisingly good and fresh. That and the author did a really nice job explaining the BDSM 101 basics.


The final chapter, which culminates in the title's role play scene, was really well explained and executed. While Terry's dark rape fantasy didn't bother me (probably because I saw how much effort Phil has put into it to make it satisfying for both Terry AND himself), it might still be a little too much for some readers, maybe even upsetting. So mind my trigger warning!


I recommend this book to people who never read a BDSM story before and want to dip their toes into this genre. You'll be rewarded with two flawed, but likable MCs, a respectful D/s relationship, and a second chance story with a lot of love. Oh, and did I mention that it was also HAWT?


FREEBIE: "Why Love Matters" by Jay Northcote

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Review: "The Impossible Boy" by Anna Martin

The Impossible Boy - Anna Martin

"You make me feel--" Stan said, then cut off the thought before he could voice it.

"Tell me."

"So feminine."


Oh man, it was an ordeal to finish this book. AN ORDEAL, I'm telling you!


I really liked the premise of a gender-fluid character who suffered from anorexia. Just think of all the possibilities. How does a character like Stan become this confident person at the age of only 21 that he is at the beginning of the book? How does he live his everyday life? How much of a struggle is it for someone who identifies him- or herself as neither male nor female? How is your environment, your friends, your family treating you?



Alas, I didn't get any of that. What I got instead were endless descriptions of THE most superficial stuff, like putting on make-up and clothes, wearing designer bags, showering! (OMIGOD, all those numerous shower scenes!), washing and conditioning your hair, and body care in general.


NOTHING about the everyday struggles of someone who identifies as gender-fluid.

NOTHING even remotely deep about how Stan became the person that he is today.

NOTHING about anything that goes beyond hair styles and wardrobe.


I honestly was bored out of my mind during the first part of the story.



Unfortunately, the second part that dealt with Stan's anorexia wasn't any better. Since the first part was all about his appearances and clothes, his illness has been so neglected at that point that the real severeness of his condition came out of nowhere for me. So much so that I couldn't really relate to it anymore. I really wish the author would have concentrated on THAT part of Stan's personality in the beginning, instead of throwing brands, make-up, clothes, shoes, dresses and handbags at my face.



It also didn't help that there were A LOT of descriptions that didn't matter at all to the overall story and just made for a boring read. Like

"Remembering they were out of soy milk, he wrote it on the shopping list Ben had brought. It was magnetic and stuck to the fridge, so they shouldn't forget stuff like that anymore."

Um, ok. I know that amplifying a story is important and all, but ENDLESS descriptions of stuff like that that just doesn't matter is nothing but annoying AF.



But kudos to the author for writing a book with a diverse character. I seriously appreciate that. But if looks, clothes and hair care is all there is to gender-fluidity, then I'm pretty much done with that whole trope already.


Thanks again to Julie for accompanying me during another frustrating BR!


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The Impossible Boy - Anna Martin

"Which one is your boyfriend?"


Stan smiled at her. "Close your eyes and find the most beautiful man in the room. That one’s mine."

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The Impossible Boy - Anna Martin

Reading progress update: I've read 1%.

The Impossible Boy - Anna Martin

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Hot Dudes Reading, #45
Hot Dudes Reading, #45

ON SALE: "Aced" (PresLocke Series, #1) by Ella Frank & Brooke Blaine

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Misfits - Garrett Leigh

Yep, this is definitely a hate-read at this point. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more detached from any couple, monogamous or polyamorous, in any of my books. I’m gearing up to snark all over this in my review.


Reading progress update: I've read 25%.

Son of Money - Brandon Witt

"Noah glanced upward and tapped his finger on his lip in an exaggerated motion. "Okay, nonfreaky, overly familiar commitment talk. Let's see." He dropped his hand and looked back at me. "So fisting. Yea or nay?"

Smooth, Noah, smooth.


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Misfits - Garrett Leigh

"Their relationship was a mystery to many, but it worked for them. They shared a life, and from time to time fucked other people. Didn't change the fact that they loved each other to death."

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Misfits - Garrett Leigh

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Review: "Shadow Bound" by Garrett Leigh

Shadow Bound - Garrett Leigh

"Luca leaned back into Dash's embrace, feeling the rays of the 

dawning sun bond with the heat of Dash's vibrant form. He tilted his neck to feel the warmth of Dash's lips on his crystalline skin. "Why?"

"Because you have found your soul. Now come with me and let me show you the world."


After being attacked by werewolves (off-page), a wounded vampire gets healed by a cat shifter's jizz (!), and they bond. That's it. That was the plot.


This felt more like a rough draft for a full novel rather than a short story that can hold its own. The world building was superficial and a lot of things were being left unexplained.



If this would be a freebie at least, then it would have made for a nice read for a rainy Sunday afternoon. But certainly not for $1.05 (Amazon price at the time of this review).


Cannot recommend.